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The forum has really quietened down over the last couple of years but there is plenty of information archived here.  I pop in regularly so if you want to ask a question visit here or the Facebook page.  The knowledge base here on Aussie bass is awesome!

 Let’s Go!


I like to write about all my bass fishing adventures so I can relive the great places I have had the privledge to visit. This is a great place to visit when the rivers are up or the weather is pretty awful.  Feel free to grab a coffee, jump o the couch and share the experience with me!

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Check out our Facebook Page which is where all the action is.  Posts of my latest adventure will appear here first before the full length trip report appears on the website.


Let’s Go!


Latest News

29/09/16 Patchy!
The bass were not right on their game in this night session and a monster eel played a cameo after it smashed my Tiemco Soft-shell cicada and imitated a monster bass!

09/10/16  Sammy Is Supreme
Took of with Rod on a big 18km trip in a remote location and managed plenty of bass including a few 40cmFL+ models!

06/11/16 Nice Night Sesh
The bass were hot and cold on this paddle in the dark but overall it was a better session than a few other night trips I have been on recently

12/11/16  Ahhh the Tranquility
Took a trip to a very picturesque, rainforest, shrouded bass session and managed quite a few rats and then had to out-run a severe storm.

25/11/16  Pitch Black!
A really slow night session was really only saved by a 42cmFL bass that smashed my Arbogast Jitterbug.

17/12/16  Searching For Beasts
A quick morning session started out really well and then became exceptional after I netted a 45cmFL beast.

09/01/17 The Colour of Coffee
Managed 17 bass today but many were in poor condition.  The river was dirty from recent rains so hopefully the flush will improve their current state of health.

13/01/17 A Great Way To Start The Day!
Visited one of my favourite spots close to home to be rewarded with a nice little morning surface session on small to average bass.


latest videos

The Colour of Coffee

Headed off to a system which has recently had a good flow and managed 17 bass even though the water was still the colour of coffee!

Nice Way To Start the Day

Had an awesome morning filled with surface action and this was a short video of one of the better hits!