For those with an addiction, obsession or passion for Australian Bass Fishing

A Magical Morning!

It’s been really difficult to find time to get out on the water lately, and initially I had planned a full day trip, but as usual things came up and in the end I could only get out for a morning session.  I decided to head to a system close by just to see how it had fared over the relatively dry summer and I was quite disappointed when I reached the first pool to find it completely covered in surface weed.  It was so bad that you could not even tell that there was any water beneath the mass of floating vegetation.  However I decided to continue on hoping that the next pool may have been in better condition as it was much less exposed to the light and therefore the weed growth may have been less.

The water levels were really low and I found myself dragging the kayak through small pools that I had previously paddled on other trips.  However I was pleasantly surprised when I rounded a corner and I could see the pool with plenty of clean water to cast a lure or two.  There were still patches of weed but it hugged the banks, and if anything provided more cover for bass than impeded my casting.

It wasn’t long before I started finding a few resident bass in the low thirties along the edges of the river.  To be honest it wasn’t a few bass, the bass were more or less everywhere and I was hooking up and missing bass on every third cast.  They weren’t huge but after expecting the fishing to be quite tough it was a very pleasant surprise to be having a quality session.  I did manage to hook up on one solid fish but it managed to bury me in some grass and toss the lure to my chagrin.

The bass were clearly hunting for insects in the vegetation that draped over the river’s bank and I was amazed at the numbers of fish keen to hit my Sammy 65! They just kept on coming and as I moved downstream they began to get a bit bigger!

After catching average size bass for the first hour I sent a cast off to the edge near some overhanging lantana which was belted hard after a few twitches and I was onto a good bass.  Thankfully he hit the lure in more or less open water and I was able to lay the bass nice an easy before dipping my net under a quality 40cmFL bass.

After releasing the bass I sent the follow up cast along a floating mass of grass that extended a couple of metres from the bank and had managed to catch a few small flotillas of weed to add to the existing cover.  My strategy with these sorts of structures is to cast parallel with the inner edge of the grass and walk the lure along the fringe.  This maximises the opportunity for a bass hiding in the grass to fly out and smash the lure which was exactly what happened.  Half way back into the retrieve there was a massive spray as a bass hit the lure with gusto and I was forced to steer the fish away from the grass.  Once I managed to negotiate the bass to open water it quickly submitted and I netted a second 40cmFL bass.  It was really turning out to be a quality session.

At this point I started to miss a few fish and I started to get a little frustrated with my conversion rate.  At one point under a particular tree I managed to entice five hits and two brief hook-ups without managing to net a single fish.  I was still managing to net a few average size bass when the time finally caught up with me and it was time to go. 

The bass had slowed up a little luckily and so I wasn’t to upset with departing but I did have to pull myself away from exploring a few of the other pools and that is never easy to do.  I guess there is always next time!