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A Slow Start to Winter!

After a long hiatus due to a variety of reasons I was finally able to get out again for a fish in the kayak. With the temperatures dropping and the end of bass season fast approaching I decided to leave the bass alone and headed to the salt to see if I could find a few flathead. Feeling a little lazy I didn’t embark on one of my early starts and instead I opted to get up a little later in the morning. Sadly this meant I would miss the best of the tide and when I finally launched the water was ebbing fast so I decided to “go with the flow”

It was quite a nice morning until I heard the distinctive sound of a boat coming up the creek. In fact when they came around the bend it was actually two boats and neither slowed down to six knots and I had a huge wash to deal with and so I had to point the nose into the wall of water in the narrow creek. Of the 5 boats that passed me during the day only 1 slowed down to 6 knots and in a creek of 30m width the wash can really knock you around.

I continued drifting out with the tide casually casting along the bank. I targeted typical structures that I knew would potentially hold a fish including small creek mouths, draining gutters, bends in the creek where sand could potentially build up and the occasional build up of debris. Eventually I was lucky enough to feel the slight tap on my rod as the 110mm Squidgy Fish I was using drifted back to the bottom and the adrenalin kicked in. Lifting the rod quickly I was pleased to feel some weight and the eventual characteristic head shakes that identified I was onto a flathead. Finally when it reached the surface I netted a reasonable 47cm Flathead which was my first for the year.

I continued heading downstream and managed to entice a few more hits and I missed them all. Twice my SP came back with a scale on the tip of the barb just to rub a little salt in my wounded pride of losing a fish. As the tide began to turn I headed back upstream in the hope of fishing a few other structures in the river that had held flathead in the past. One such creek held a small flathead of 38cm and another held a smaller flathead that did not even reach the brag mat. Other than that the session was very quiet although I did manage to drop a couple of bream when I switched to a smaller SP in the deeper drop offs in the creek.