For those with an addiction, obsession or passion for Australian Bass Fishing

A Tough Night!

After a good run of about 60cm of water running down a local river I decided to head out with Rod to see how it had treated the local bass population. In reality I had hoped a few more bass might have pushed up from the salt as this particular system had been devoid of the usual large fish we had found in the past. We decided to hit the water early and see what we could see before the sun settled over the horizon and darkness enveloped the river.
This proved to be fruitless as we barely raised a fish in the two hours before twilight. Launching in the light did enable us to see that the weed that we had hoped would be washed away hadn’t been. Although some had piled up and dried up around the river there was still enough to cause issues and block us from casting at some of the structures in the river. The wind was also blowing a bit and we hoped that it would ease off as night fell.
As twilight drifted in the bass seemed to become a little more interested although they were still failing to commit to a full strike at our lures. It wasn’t until it finally turned dark that Rod had a solid “thok” which missed his lure. The follow up cast though was hit again and eventually he netted a 37cmFL bass to finally kick off the night.

Further down the pool I cast into a massive tree saw me finally get a good hit metres into the retrieve but the bass missed. I continued walking my Jitterbug and just as the lure reached the kayak the bass smashed the lure and I was onto my first bass, albeit briefly. I’m not sure how it happened but the braid parted metres up from the leader and the bass and lure disappeared into the darkness much to my dismay.  
During the night we were being absolutely smashed by mozzies that seemed to be everywhere and able to get through every article of clothing I was wearing. While I retied my leader and lure with my headlamp on their number multiplied exponentially and it took me ages to get all my gear retied and back in the water. Even after I applied Bushman’s, they seemed to find all the spots that I had missed and would take their feed of blood. While I was struggling to get myself back in the water Rod managed his second bass of the night in the high twenties.
We headed to our final pool and neither of us could raise a fish. We cast along its length and I could hear bass boofing away deep in the grass that had grown metres out from the bank. It wasn’t until the return journey back up the pool that finally a cast along the grassy edge was swooped on and I managed to net a bass of 31cmFL to avoid a donut.

We continued slowly back to the launch and cast along the way, I managed to miss all of them but Rod managed to pick up a couple to finish the night. As we came upon a small alcove in the bank I pointed it out to Rod as it had been a spot I had missed a bass on previously in the night. sure enough there was a “boof” from his direction and he managed another small bass to add to his night’s tally.
We finally reached the end of the pool which in the past had yielded large numbers of bass in the past. During the daylight hours it fished terribly bit once dark the bass seemed to move up its length in an effort to hunt prey in the shallows. It was here that Rod’s Bubblepop was plucked off the surface and he managed to net his fourth and final bass for the night.
We continued casting as we headed to the cars and although I found another interested fish I still could not get it to connect to the trebles. The weed was so thick you couldn’t get the lure to crawl long enough to get a more than one hit. 
So we finally called it quits and it was one of the toughest nights fishing I have had in a while. That said it’s why I keep coming back for more!