For those with an addiction, obsession or passion for Australian Bass Fishing

Another Morning Quickie

So continuing my mission of heading out for a quick flick in the morning during the Christmas holidays I headed out again early this morning to snag a few bass.  As always I attempted to hit the water during twilight and unfortunately this was thwarted when a fairly heavy shower hit just as I arrived at the launch.  A quick glance at the radar showed that the rain cells were forming almost directly overhead and dissipating soon after which made for a very frustrating launch.  At first I just waited in the car and then when I though the shower was over I quickly took the kayak off the racks.  As I made my way to the mature strip to put my kayak on the grass there was another sudden rain burst and so I literally stood for a good 5 minutes waiting for the heavy down pour to cease with a kayak over my head and my head in the cockpit!  It would have been a very interesting sight!

Eventually I launched to find the tide very high which was not totally unexpected on the full moon.  I began casting and for the first hour I could find no fish in the first two pools.  My only consolation was when I spied a fish desperately trying to hit a floundering cicada.  I threw my Sammy at it and it had a tentative swipe before shying away.  Not sure whether it was a bream or a small bass but either way it was an improvement on a dull start to the morning.  

I paddled for a bit and eventually reached a large pool that had held a few good fish in the past.  Initially it fished much like the previous pools but eventually I was rewarded wth a nice hit from a mid to high thirties bass which refused to put on another show after its initial strike.

Not much further downstream I cast between two overhanging trees that had their foliage submerged below the waterline.  After a few twitches my Sammy was engulfed in a boil or water and the bass made a beeline straight for the waterlogged tree stripping drag as it went.  Luckily the structure was mostly up at the surface and when the bass dived a low rod angle enabled me to eventually extract the bass out into open water where the fight became much more one sided.  The bass peeled drag a couple more times before keeping deep and powering away with its big tail.  However after a nerve raking few moments I eventually netted a solid bass that had me grinning from ear to ear.  At 47.5cmFL it was my biggest bass for the season and I couldn’t stop smiling.  After a few quick snaps I let the big girl go and she swam off strongly.

Another downpour hit, and it left me drenched, which was a little annoying as typically these quick sessions leave me high and dry and comfortable.  On this morning though I was wet from head to toe and luckily I had netted a solid bass which made it worth it.  During the downpour I missed another small bass before having another small bass hit my lure downstream and return moments later to hook up and drop the lure in seconds.  

By this point it was time for me to paddle home as my window of opportunity had closed and I needed to be home.  Although the numbers of fish on these speedy forays are low the potential for a quality single fish keeps me coming back to this location again and again.