For those with an addiction, obsession or passion for Australian Bass Fishing

Bass Tactics

Rod/s: Duff Rods “Sneaky Stix” 6’0 Baitcast & Strudwick Pro 5’10” Baitcast

Reel/s: Daiwa Sol Baitcaster (x2), Daiwa Sol 2500 and Shimano Stradic Ci4 2500

Line/s: Suffix Matrix Pro 8lb (High Vis Yellow), TD Sensor 8lb (orange)

Leader/s: Sunline FC Rock 10lb & Sunline System Shock leader 16lb for surface

Favourite Lures : Luckycraft Sammy 65 (Any colour), Tiemco Soft Shell Cicada (Any colour), Evergreen Combat Pencil Jr, Yo-zuri 3D Crank (Ghost), Jackall TN50 (Natural co ours), Yo-zuri Hardcore 60mm Shad (Ghost) and at night a Jointed Jitterbug (Black)

Knots (Leader to Main): Slim beauty

Knots (Leader to Lure): Harrison’s Loop

Retrieval Technique: Cast in tight to structure. Allow ripples to disperse. “Bloop” on the surface (floating and surface lures) a few times by gently flicking rod tip downwards. Retrieve lure with multiple pauses. Tiemco Soft shell cicadas are very easy to use, while Luckycraft Sammy 65’s require a lot of practice and technique but it is well worth the effort.

Drag: Varies but remember that bass fight dirty and will have you into a snag in a heartbeat. If you use expensive lures keep the drag set quite high

Targeted Structure: Any timber, grassy edge or rock face in the shade is prime bass habitat. A combination of these features almost certainly has a bass hiding in it. Eddies at the top of pools are also a great place to target bass in Spring and Summer and as winter approaches focus on the bottom of pools

Typical rockwall with sedges!  Great combinaton

Typical rockwall with sedges! Great combination

Banksias running parallel withe the waterline and out from the bank

Banksias running parallel withe the waterline and out from the bank