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Daiwa Generation Black Wild Weasel

For night fishing using surface lures I use a Daiwa Gen Black Wild Weasel. This is a Medium Light 6’10″ one – piece rod with a line rating of 2 – 6 kg. Although bait cast reels provide greater accuracy during the day-time, for me they are less versatile at night as you cannot control the spool with your thumb as easily without visually seeing the lure in flight. This is why I choose to use spinning reels which avoid the potential for backlash.


The rod has a fast action which I find essential for night fishing. The lack of sight gives the fish many advantages especially if you lose contact with the fish and cannot see which way the line is arcing. Often a bass will smash a surface lure and take off and you will have no idea the direction it went in the darkness. This leaves you cranking the reel like crazy to regain contact and figure out where the fish is. Long rods with a fast action give extra sensitivity and enable you to make contact with the fish much quicker with the power being in the top third of the rod. Many people don’t like longer rods in kayaks due to their tendency to get caught up in trees but this doesn’t bother me much especially at night where I will only take a single rod.


The line rating of the Wild Weasel is also a key aspect when I bought it. At night I switch to using 15lb braid/16lb fluorocarbon leader and the maximum line rating of approximately 13lb is perfect for this. The higher class of braid is mostly because of the lack of sight at night. On most occasions I would have no clue in regards to the unseen structure in the dark but I guarantee the bass can see them. The 15lb braid gives me that extra bit of grunt to persuade big bass from the sticks when they get me bricked and also to give me some confidence of landing unusual by-catch that can escape SEQ’s impoundments!

011 (600x450)

Casting accuracy, on most nights, is also not as important as bass tend to venture further from structure and so spinning rods and reels are my preference in these conditions. I tend to use rods in the lower price range kayak fishing as they tend to have a tough time, so the value for money of the Daiwa Generation Black rods is what really sells them for me. At approximately $150 they suit all my needs when hitting the water at night and I highly recommend them.