For those with an addiction, obsession or passion for Australian Bass Fishing

Dawn Dash

With school holidays underway I decided I would try and get out a little more often by doing some quick morning sessions and a few night sessions as well. This morning I hit the road at 4am and was launching by 4:40am which is one of the few close by systems that I have easy access to and can get in and out of a reasonable sized pool that typically holds a few bass.

Just before reaching the main pool there was a smaller pool that very rarely held any bass. Although I have caught a few in it in the past or my fishing buddies have it is often a section of water we regularly bypass and head for my fruitful waters. That said there is always running water above it and with the weather warming up I knew that a few casts below the run might yield a bass. Sure enough on the very first cast my lure was hit and missed and as it crawled towards the running water it was hit again and I was connected to a 31cmFL bass. Soon after a second bass hit and missed without hooking up and refused to return to have another go.

After a few casts I headed further upstream and reached my target pool. In the predawn light I could see a thin mist floating on the surface which made it difficult to see how much debris was floating on there but it did look pretty cool. My first few casts went without a touch but eventually a cast up a narrow branch of the creek had a bass smash the Jitterbug, miss and then hit it again and hook up. It quickly took me into the fringing grass but soon swam up and into the net. At 32cmFL it was almost my first fish’s twin.

I continued up the pool and the day entered twilight. Eventually I reached a section of the pool that had a reasonable amount of surface debris that I could not see through the mist. I hoped that it was only at this end of the pool and that the recent winds had bunched it up and luckily that was the case. Casting past it the Jitterbug crawled towards the mass and just as it reached it a bass hit the lure connected and I netted another 32cmFL bass.

Moving upstream I missed another two solid hits from bass that followed the lure a long way from the bank but only hit once and then shied away. Eventually though a cast parallel to a grass fringed bank was hit again and I was on to yet another bass of 33cmFL.

The sun rose above the surrounding trees and sent an amazing glow up the river as it passed through the mist. I knew it would not be long before the fishing died as it had so many other times in this system once the sky lightened. I kept casting because I had time up my sleeve, targeting various structures and using my baitcaster and Sammy 65 for increased accuracy.

Although 99% of these casts were useless at least one was gently plucked off the surface near a large lay down tree and I netted my final bass of the morning at 34cmFL.

I changed to a subsurface lure for the paddle back to the launch site but I could not raise another fish as I expected. So after 2 hours on the water I had managed to catch 5 bass and miss almost as many. It was a great way to start the day and I can’t wait for my next foray! Let the bass addiction continue!