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Exploring new Location

So after having to shorten my trip for the weekend to a morning session I decided to do some exploring and started doing the usual research on Google Earth to scope out some new territory. An early start had me at the launch site at 4am and much to my delight it was another easily accessible point of entry. Local rain on the Friday night had caused this system to rise and the water was a little dirty and flowing nicely.

After launch I drifted down some gentle rapids and I was into the first pool. I cast for about 10min before I spied a raft of sticks that had had built up at the corner of the pool. A quick cast had the Sammy inches from the raft and after a few twitches a nice bass hit the lure with vigour. Between the hit and my over excited strike the lure was launched out of the attack zone. I quickly wound in the lure and fired it back into the strike zone. A few twitches and I set the Sammy into its typical walk, “Boof” and I was on, you ripper! I few quick runs and then the hooks pulled. Bugger another typical start for me!.

I missed another fish in this pool that hit the lure without hooking up and wouldn’t return for another look and then broke the donut with my smallest bass for a long time. However it was a good indicator that there was at least some recruitment occurring in the area.

I continued down the creek and managed another bass soon after of 33cm that hit the lure in some very shallow water and spent most of his time airborne as he tried to evade the net.

IMG_0107 (Medium)

The fishing then went very quiet and I began to note that the water was very skinny. I pulled out my sounder and fitted it to get some idea of the water depth. The majority of the system was very shallow with the water being about 2 ½ feet. I managed a few more small bass with most of the fish under 30cm and missed a few as well.

IMG_0112 (Medium)

The country was beautiful and the creek itself absolutely picturesque. There were a couple of very deep sections but I couldn’t entice any bass out of their hidey holes and they were few and far between. Eventually I found a nice long stretch at about 4-6ft and I felt very excited as it had structure, depth and some deep shade. I had decided that this was the point I would also have to turn back to the car.

IMG_0109 (Medium)

IMG_0113 (Medium)

IMG_0115 (800x600)

I cast into one of the patches of shade and missed another hit from a small bass. The follow up cast was engulfed and I was bricked in seconds. Moving in close I managed to extricate the troublesome bass from the sticks and he was off again. I was really struggling and thought I was onto a cracking fish. When I finally got the bass to the surface I saw I had managed to hook him in the back and he wasn’t the monster fish at 39cm.

IMG_0122 (Medium)

I headed back to the launch spot which was an 1 ½ Hour paddle back up stream and I had to head home to catch a plane to Melbourne that evening. The sounder showed that many of the spots I had been casting were in some very skinny water at less than a foot. Note to self, install the sounder in the dark when drifting down a creek so you can check depth as you go.

I reached the launch spot and after checking the time I had managed to get back exactly when I had planned. However, looking at the pool above the launch spot I could see some deep, very dark shade and I had to have a cast. A few casts in and the water exploded around the Sammy. A huge bass had really had a go and missed, a second shaky cast had the lure boiled again but no other presentation could entice the fish to return. I was devastated as I have not had a hit that big ever!!!!!

I continued casting and bass were hitting the Sammy everywhere, most missed, a few hooked up and were lost moments later and a few managed to get back to the yak. The majority of the fish were small and the biggest I got in this pool was 31cm. They were very keen though and I managed a new PB with a bass of 8cm taking the Sammy. In 45min I had been hit about 15 times. I reluctantly had to head back to the car vowing to return and explore some more. I was a bit disappointed with my catch rate but it was still a beautiful day on the water

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IMG_0125 (Medium)