For those with an addiction, obsession or passion for Australian Bass Fishing

Exploring the Central Coast

Over Easter I headed south with the family to Nambucca heads, and was really hoping to explore the local area and chase some of the big bass I have heard so many rumours about.  Sadly time was just not on my side and as a result I only managed to hit the water for a few hours with my brother after a long lunch at the Pub with no Beer.  I had packed minimal gear for the trip and we decided to hit the water beneath an old bridge we had crossed on the way to the Pub.

The little creek screamed bass and we decided to head upstream first just to have a look and throw a few casts.  I must admit that initially I was a little pessimistic as the first little pool we passed was absolutely sensational to look at, but we could not raise a fish and I worried my lack of local knowledge may have lead me astray.

However eventually my Sammy 65 was plucked off the surface adjacent to a nice grassy fringe and I managed to net my first bass although it was only a rat.

We continued upstream and the creek narrowed quite a bit and we could not raise a fish although the habitat looked ideal.  In one little set of rapids I spied a school of fish hitting the surface and thought I was a good chance of getting a surface hit but I was sadly disappointed.  When I approached the running water I could see a school of bream cruising the eddies in the current and at that point I realised the stream we were in was tidal.

We eventually decided to head downstream of our launch in the hope of finding some larger pools and a bit more room to cast and we were not disappointed by our choice.  On the paddle it was clear that the system had a strong tidal influence with the tide now pushing up the rapids rather than down it.  To be honest fishing for bass in tidal areas is not something I do often and an area of my fishing that I have not quite mastered yet.  That said we did start to find some much larger pools and I managed a few missed hits before finally landing a nice low thirties bass to raise the confidence a little.

The bass were few and far between and many casts into structure that should have held a fish had no takers.  However, we were getting enough action to keep us interested and casting.  One of those moments was a cast along a nice grass shrouded log that finally had a bass come out and belt it with enough gusto to get my brother to turn his head and go “What was that!?”  It was not a monster but gave a great display of why surface bassing for me is so addictive.

The shadows were getting longer and I had to eventually make the heart breaking decision to head back to the car.  The urge to see what was around the next corner kept making me resist the need to stop casting and when I had a look around one last corner I came across this little cliff face.  I managed to pull two small bass off it in adjacent casts before I was forced to turn around and paddle home much to my disappointment.  Oh well it did give me a small taste of what was in the area and left me eagerly anticipating the  trip back to the area when only bass fishing is on the repertoire .