For those with an addiction, obsession or passion for Australian Bass Fishing

First Holiday Quickie

Well with Summer in and having spent the first couple of weeks at home I decided to get in my first quickie for the 2017-2018 break.  I headed to a system I have not fished in awhile and considering it was the closest fishing spot to my home it was long overdue.  This would be a true quickie as well with a very small 2 hour window to hit the water and hopefully catch a few bass.

I launched at my favourite time of the day, twilight, and was instantly rewarded with some action as what I assume was bream kept slurping at my lure.  They consistently failed to hook up but they gave me a little bit of a rush just the same.  The first pool I I targeted looked awesome and the best thing was that it had accumulated quite a bit of new structure in my absence.  Sadly though I could not find a single bass to hit my lure in a pool that screamed for some surface action.

I headed to the next pool which involved some paddling in very shallow water.  On the way I spied some vegetation fringing the bank and although the water was only about a foot deep it looked like the type of habitat I would find bass in in some of my regular travels.  Sure enough a bass rocketed out of cover and smashed my Sammy 65 and I got to witness a spectacular battle in the super shallow clear water. The 37cmFL bass was in superb condition and even had a tag on it that was so encrusted in algae I couldn’t clear it to get a read on the number.

I fished the next pool to no avail and soon after it was time to head back to the car and head home as I needed to be home by 7am.  I must admit I have missed these quick little forays and will have to get out on a few more over the holiday period.