sammy 65 tips

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sammy 65 tips

Postby maxy1 » Sat Jan 28, 2017 8:03 pm

Hi guys,
Was looking at getting in to using the sammys, was just after some tips on techniques, leaders, best areas to target etc when using them
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Re: sammy 65 tips

Postby Troopy67 » Sat Jan 28, 2017 10:08 pm

Has been a bit quiet around here of late. Leper is probably the man to answer your questions on this topic which I'm sure he will as soon as he checks in! Cheers :)
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Re: sammy 65 tips

Postby rocketV » Sun Jan 29, 2017 4:02 pm

Hi Maxy,

The Sammy 65 is a very versatile lure.

I use the clear/natural colors on 4lb gear when chasing Bream on the flats, but they are also great for Bass.
Dark colors typically work best for me, but I have also caught them on other colors too.
When I use them chasing Bass I use 8-10lb lb braid and 8-10lb fluorocarbon leader.
I have used 12-14lb clear mono leader as well with good results.

Technique is hard to describe, but basically you are looking to "walk-the-dog" so the lure zig-zags it's way back to you.
For me this involves a slow wind of the reel while rhythmically working the rod tip.
Some people just wiggle the rod tip while slowly winding the reel and that imparts an erratic action on the lure.
Leper (Brad) uses baitcast gear most of the time where as I use spin gear, so our retrieve action differs but gets the same result.
Practice makes perfect, but there are also lots of videos on the net that will give you some tips.

You can work the lure quickly or slow it down and put in respond to different actions on any given day, so just mix it up until you get the result.

As with any surface fishing for Bass, the standard practice is to cast tight to structure. That is where most Bass will be sitting during daylight hours.
That structure can be over hanging foliage from shrubs, strappy grass edges, boulders, fallen trees, root balls...basically anything that will provide shelter and shade.
In low light (early morning, late arvo and night) the Bass will likely be more forgiving and willing to come out from their snag to hit your lure.
In brighter conditions, you are more likely to attract a hit if you target close to the structure, preferably in the shade .

When the Bass are really on, if you nail the cast really tight, you may not even have to work the lure and it will get belted.
Some people let surface lures sit until the ripples disperse and then start retrieving, I don't normally adhere to this, but others swear by it.
You can then work the lure all the way back to the kayak without pause, or work the lure briefly (3 or 4 twitches), and then let it rest. Sometimes the Bass will hit on the pause, other times they hit a moving target.
It's not unusual for Bass to follow the lure out from a snag and hit it just as you are about to lift it out of the water, so be ready at all times!

More often than not I don't really strike with the rod when Bass fishing on the surface, especially if the Bass hits while the lure is moving.
The line will already be tight and typically Bass don't muck around!
Sometimes the Bass hits just as the lure lands, or during a pause, and the hit can be subtle. The lure will disappear with little or no surface disruption.
If you can't see you lure, then is the time to strike and wind to take up any slack because it's likely a Bass has your lure, and is making it's way back to the snags at pace!

It is not only visible snags or structure that will hold fish.
Quite often there will be structure under the water that you can't see, and this is just as likely to hold fish as the more visible structure.
A cast "up the guts" can sometimes yield surprising results, so don't be afraid of firing your lure into the middle of the creek.

Most of these tips are equally applicable to other surface lures too, so if your Sammy is not producing, try a Soft Shell Cicada or a small Popper.

Please check out my video that shows how I use the Sammy 65 on spin gear.

Lepers videos will show how he does it with baitcast gear.

Get out there and give it a go!
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