For those with an addiction, obsession or passion for Australian Bass Fishing

Glen’s First Trip

Headed off on another adventure and this time I took a mate who was new to kayaking and lure fishing and so I decided to head to a location where the bass were not monsters but they were more than often plentiful. It’s the kind of system where even if a few people had fished it over the holidays the bass were numerous enough that we would find some action regardless of the fishing pressure.

It was a late start for me and I picked Glen up at 5am. A time where normally I would have been on the water for an hour or so to take advantage of any pre-dawn bite. Luckily the river I was planning on fishing was shaded for most of the day with a large canopy of rainforest trees to protect the water from the sun’s light. We arrived and launched with relaxed ease and not my typical frantic hustle and bustle to get on the water with haste which I must admit was a bit of a novelty.

It wasn’t long before I found a few keen fish and eventually a risky cast across a spindly submerged tree and into a clear patch of water was hit and I was hooked up to a small bass around 30cmFL. This was a typical fish for this system and although not huge, the adventurous nature of the cast meant that I had to paddle in and extricate the bass from the snag to net him and remove the trebles for a quick photo and release.

Glen was soon onto his first bass also and although on the smaller side at 28cmFL it was a first on lure and in the kayak. Considering we were only on the water for 20 minutes it was a very promising start.

We continued up the first pool and missed a few more bass. As we approached the headwaters I managed to net another two bass in quick succession, both in the early thirties. If the fishing continued this way all day we would be well and truly having a cracking session.

As it happened the fishing then went very quiet for a big stretch of the river. Although we found a few semi-interested fish, they would either miss the trebles and shy away or in my case I would hook up and lose them moments later. It was if I was cursed!

The highlight of the trip was when we approached the head of one of my favourite pools. I had developed a case of the sooks as I had just dropped a cracking fish after multiple hits on my lure. I knew of an undercut bank beneath a Lomandra sedge that was situated directly below the running water at the head of the pool and I pointed it out to Glen. He then sent a perfect cast at the edge of the bank and began to slowly crawl his Bassday FeatherCrank across the water when a solid bass plucked it from the surface. Glen was in a solid fight and eventually we netted a quality 39cmFL bass on his first trip kayaking casting lures and especially off the top!

The bass continued to be a bit scarce and soon after we reached our turn around point and started the paddle downstream. Although we cast at a few structures where bass had shown interest on the upstream paddle, the fishing was still very slow. When we finally reached the launch point I was not overly satisfied with the mornings session and decided to head downstream to see if I could pick up a few more.

As we paddled to the lower pools Glen decided to have a nap on the bank and I continued fishing a little further downstream. At the next pool I quickly picked up a 33cmFL bass and then managed another 35cmFL bass casting into the same structure on the follow up cast.

As encouraging as this was the fishing was still ridiculously slow and I was more than a little frustrated. I managed a few swipes and boils and even picked up a couple more rats on the journey but it was a lot of hard work for such small reward.

I soon packed it in and headed back up to Glen who was still catching a few Zzzzz. We packed up the gear and began the trip home and although it wasn’t one of my better sessions I was still happy Glen had managed such an awesome bass on his first kayak trip surface fishing.