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Do you want to chat to some very experienced yak fishos that target Australian Bass or share your knowledge with others. Then feel free to drop in here and join the discussion.  The knoweldge base here on Aussie bass is awesome!

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I like to write about all my bass fishing adventures so I can relive the great places I have had the privledge to visit. This is a great place to visit when the rivers are up or the weather is pretty awful.  Feel free to grab a coffee, jump o the couch and share the experience with me!

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Let’s Go! 


Latest News

27/08/14 Late Winter Rains
Some quality rains have arrived on the East Coast just before September.  Let’s hope it gets the bass moving in the right direction!

1/09/14 Bass Season Opens
Bass season official opens in all waters in Queensland and NSW at midnight on the 1st of September

latest videos

Bassin in the Mist
During a recent bass session I managed this hit from a 36cmFL bass. For some reason the audio and video separated and I had to fiddle around to match them together! Lure was a black jointed jointed bug!

Golden Morning
Only some quick footage of an average bass caught on a Duel Hardcore Shad on a very very cold morning!

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