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Morning Bass Session

I don’t usually go for quick trips but Tristan(Enjoyfish1) managed to persuade me to follow him to one of our closer systems for a quick cast. He had been practicing with a baitcasting outfit that I had loaned him and was keen to give it a spin. I’m trying to turn him to the dark side!! :tong: He had a nice spot which had yielded him a few good fish and although it never yielded big numbers the fish in there were quite reasonable. The weatherman had promised rain but in true bass fisho form we decided to brave the elements with the potentail of a few fish on the cards.

So after a tough night (in my wisdom I had decided to stay up and watch a movie followed by an 8 month year old who decided that sleep was optional!) I arrived at the launch spot not long after Tristan had arrived and after setting up the yaks and dragging them 200 metres to the launch spot we were peppering the water. There is something a little strange about casting relatively blind into a new system and the morning darkness yielded no strikes on both the Sammy and Siglett I had on my two outfits. We reached the top end of the first pool and dragged our yaks up the small rapids. Tristan had been casting into the pool and had missed a small fish that had followed the lure to his feet before scooting off into the darkness.

The start of the second pool began like the first and I had no interest for the remaining darkness. As the the sky lightened Tristan had a reasonable surface hit on his Feathercrank which missed the trebles and follow up casts on the FC and Sammy couldn’t raise her again. I continued to pepper away at the snags which were numerous and very “bassy” but I could not raise them. Moving around the bend in the creek there was a boof in the morning light in under a foot of water. I had switched to a couple of diving lures and Tristan, who had continued with the Sammy, threw in a cast which was engulfed after a couple of twitches. He managed to fight the fish to the yak and while fumbling with the net the hooks pulled while the fish was at the surface. Bugger! :sad1:

IMG_0005 (Medium)

IMG_0006 (Medium)

A little further up Tristan cast the Sammy into a nice looking set of timber and the Sammy was engulfed again. This time there was a little more joy as a healthy 37cm FL bass was netted and after a few quick snaps was released to grow a little bigger. I still had not raised a fish and even though I was fishing the same as always I just couldn’t get the bass to fire. As the thoughts of the dreaded donut began to swirl around in my mind I cast into a nice grassy fringe that bordered a gently sloping rock bar. Two twiches and “boof” I was onto a nice feisty bass which I managed to negotiate to the yak and net. It measured 36cm FL and I was extremely happy to bid the donut goodbye.

IMG_0003 (Medium)

IMG_0008 (Medium)

We reached the end of the second pool and dragged the yaks to a shallow pool above it. Tristan spooked a couple of fish above the rapids and after a few quick casts with the Sammy that yielded nothing we jumped into the yaks. Tristan was casting the baitcaster with a Jackall Aragon at the top end of the pool and was rewarded with a hit and hook up on a small bass. The fish went 34cm FL and as he tried to negotiate a thumb grip it resulted in a nice juggling act and the bass earning an early freedom without a snap shot. :bb:

The next pool was a favourite of Tristan’s and he commented that there was a large hole in the middle of the bend in the creek and at the top of a set of rapids. He had managed a nice fish on an earlier trip and yielded the first cast to me and the Sammy. First cast and I was rewarded with a hit from a little bass who missed the trebles, he followed it up with a second strike that had him hooked but after a quick run the hooks pulled and he had his freedom! :bb: I fired another couple of casts in and as Tristan watched I was boofed by a second fish that was a little more solid and measured a healthy 35cm FL.
IMG_0010 (Medium)

IMG_0011 (Medium)

We continued up the creek a little further casting at promising structure but without result. The call of family started to get a little stronger and we turned around to head home. We switched to a couple of Jackall TN50 to try in the deeper water on the return trip which we had found to be about 12ft. This yielded little until I cast into a nice rocky cliff that dropped into the water. I have had a lot of success on this sort of structure and I think it is because insects crawling on the face of the cliff fall into the water below and waiting bass. The cast went in and as the Jackall dropped down the face it was solidly hit and the fish took off, thankfully towards the middle of the river. It took some drag and I called it for a reasonable fish. I played it gently and eventually a nice bass of 42cm FL came to the yak.

IMG_0012 (Medium)

IMG_0013 (Medium)

It finished a pleasant morning and we were off the water by 8.30AM. It was a lovely trip with plenty of platypuses foraging in the water, and water dragons dropping from the branches and scaring the “bejesus” out of me! Even saw a large sea eagle. Thanks again Tristan for a great session this close to home!