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Nice Night Sesh

After a few semi-successful night trips to our local Rod and I were keen to try another local night spot to hopefully get into a hot night session.  The river we were planning on fishing was not too far from Rod’s house and as a result by the time I had arrived at the launch location he was already on the water and casting at the dark recesses of the river bank.  Eager to do the same I quickly set up my kayak and as I was about to launch Rod called out of the darkness to tell me he was on.  At just over 30cmFL it was a small bass but a great start to the night.

After a quick photo I paddled over to the opposite bank and started casting into all the nooks and crannies I could sight in the inky blackness.  Eventually my dedication to getting my lure tight into the surrounding structures was rewarded with a nice “boof” in the dark and I was onto a nice bass.  At 36cmFL it wasn’t huge but it was a solid start to the night.

We continued up the first pool and I managed to pick up a couple more rats in the twenties before Rod eventually managed to hook up on a better fish and eventually netted a 35cmFL bass before we reached the end of the first pool.

It then went very quiet for about 2 hours as we moved through the next couple of pools.  During that time I only managed a single bass of 32cmFL and it was a very frustrating period of time with multiple fruitless casts.  We would have turned around, except that we knew that the top of the pool often held a good number of fish that would school up in the hope of migrating further upstream.

After a long period of time it was great to be rewarded with a few bass over about a 20 minute period.  They were all rats with the biggest going 33cmFL, but after such an exceedingly dull couple of hours even these hits were a relief from the monotony of fruitless casting.  

We decided to call it a night and began the long trip back downstream to the launch site.  We did some casting but after a very lack lustre performance in the middle of the session we did very little casting.  It wasn’t until we reached the launch pool that we intensified our casting effort due to the success we had earlier in the night.  As it was I was rewarded with a nice 34cmFL bass to finish a nice little night session. 

They were not huge fish and the lull in the middle of the trip was frustrating but it was still a solid little night session.