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Night Session With Rob

With the weather warming up and the nights getting much more humid it was time to head off for another night fish. This time I teamed up with Rob(RAD) and headed off to one of the systems we regular frequent for our night sessions. Typically these systems have large pools and minimal hard portage as this can become very tricky in the darkness.

Rob arrived well before me and when I arrived I could see his car but the darkness early in the night was pretty impenetrable so I just assumed he was somewhere in our launch pool ad so I geared up and hit the water. A shout out up the river ad I heard a distance call back so I knew he was somewhere on the water at least. I was too keen to get a cast I so before I caught up with him I decided to shake off a bit of the building excitement by flicking out a few lures before I caught up for a chin wag. My first cast was a shocker but the second was on the money and I managed to get it close to the bank opposite my launch. A twitch or two and my Softcada was smashed and I was onto a solid bass 2 minutes into the session and on my second cast. At 37cmFL it was a great start to the night.

This was an opportune time for a chat with Rob and a photo before we headed back to chasing a few feeding bass. I then decided to fish the opposite bank to Rob knowing he had probably worked over the snaggier sections of the opposite side of the river. The bank I was casting at had fewer structures and was typically exposed to a high level of light during the day. I like fishing these sorts of spots at night as I know the majority of bass fishos avoid them during the day. Sure enough 20 minutes later my cicada was smashed again and this time I managed a 38cmFL bass that hit the lure a metre from the kayak.

This bass was tagged and when I got the data back it was apparent he really hadn’t traveled that far at all.
The next 30 minutes saw me catch another 3 bass and Rob caught a few as well. The first two bass were by far the biggest and I must admit after fishing this heavily pressured pool with great success I though the next pool would be awesome.

Sadly this was not the case and the fishing really slowed for a hour or so. A few small bass hit the lures but nothing of size and eventually I managed a few rats to finish the night. In the end I managed 8 fish which was a solid effort considering we were only on the water for a few hours. Must admit I can’t wait for the summer to really warm up and the night fishing to really get going.