For those with an addiction, obsession or passion for Australian Bass Fishing


Headed out for another night session last night with Rod and I must admit I almost called it off when the wind was blowing hard enough to shake the trees while I was packing the car. I was pleasantly surprised though when I decided to go anyway and just hope for the best and for once the Fishing gods were smiling upon me and the winds dropped off soon after dark.

When we arrived we had a considerable portage to our launch point that involved launching off a significant rock wall. When we got there we were pleasantly surprised again to find the water flowing strongly and this mean that there was a high probability that a considerable number of bass were potentially sitting below it as they had been in the past. It wasn’t long before a pulled a plucky bass of 32cmFL out of the current and then had my SSC smashed at my feet by a nice 36cmFL model in the base of the rapids.

We headed downstream and found that the bass were really not firing like they usually do. We would come across a patch of fish and have 4-5 hits and hook up a couple and then it would shut down again. I often think that these occasions are where the bass are migrating upstream and have not as yet settled in and spread out through the pools.
Rod was regularly picking up fish and I was struggling to get into any sort of pattern.

At one point I thought I had broken my drought in spectacular fashion when I cast in front of a spindler snag that had some current pushing hard against it and there was a solid implosion and a “thok” in the dark and suddenly I was struggling to keep a fish out of the snag. The fight though for a base was all wrong and I eventually twigged to what I had hooked, although I was quietly praying I was wrong. Sure enough, once I had fought the fish to the shallows I turned on the headlamp and there was the sinuous mottled green form of a massive eel. I then had to spend some time removing the hooks and had to re-tie my leader due to the thick slime that coated it.

We reached the final pool and Rod was still regularly netting average sized bass while I continued to struggle.

Eventually I did something I have not done in a very long time and that was to switch up lures. I decided to upsize a little and tied on my Luckycraft G-Splash to see if I could coax out a few bigger models. Instead the smaller bass to climbed all over the lure and I started to see a bit more action than I had earlier in the night.

By the end of the night I had managed nine bass between 32-36cmFL and we could not find any of the bigger models we have caught in this system in the past. Rod had managed a few more bass and had a solid night session and considering how rough we thought the night was going to be earlier in the evening the conditions had been near perfect in the end.