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Point Blank

I have a bigger report to put up from the weekend but decided to put this smaller report up first cause it was a bit easier. Yes I am a lazy bugger!

I have been loving my morning sessions during the week. Up at 4AM and on the water by 4.30AM. Civil twilight starts at 4.20AM at the moment and so a night fish is out of the question unless I plan on working with almost no sleep! It also gives me the opportunity to try a few lures that have gathered dust in the tackle tray over the years.

Today I decided to tie on the Luckycraft G-Splash in Archerbee which is a large popper I had bought for a bit of night fishing. The system I fish has a small population of bass but the great thing is that the bass in there are well above average in the size department so I am always expecting that big surface hit that makes the early wake up worth it.

This morning the bass were a little quiet. At one point I cast in front of a long lay down and started blooping the G-Splash back towards the kayak. After retrieving the cast almost all the way back to the kayak there was an explosion around the lure and the bass took off towards the timber. He was easy to turn and I managed to get him back to the kayak before he did an explosive turn at the yak and powered back to the trees yet again. Now I was fighting hard and I knew the bass was reasonable as the battle ensued around the yak. I even had to negotiate the bass around the front of the kayak past my other rod before finally I managed to slip the feisty 42cmFL bass into the net.




So that was it! Another morning sesh before work and a point blank hit from a quality bass. I even got a great video, just a shame it’s a bit location sensitive!