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Quick Morning Paddle

Not much of a report but thought I would post anyway!

So I headed off for a quick fish on Thursday as the previous day was very hot and the Thursday was predicted to be very warm as well. The plan was to only fish for a few hours and fish a single pool and in the hope of getting some footage on my Go pro and testing out my repaired Duffrod.

Launching pre-dawn I had some considerable portage to begin the day as the water levels were extremely low and like my previous weekend fish the water levels at this location were the lowest I have ever seen them. The lack of any considerable winter rain has had serious effect on the local systems and although they are all still flowing the flow is barely a trickle.

So I was amazed and excited when my very first cast was nailed by an average bass and although there was no hook-up it was a good feeling to start the session. A few follow up casts couldn’t raise the bass so I sent out a cast further along the bank and again it was smashed and this time I hooked up and netted a nice little bass at 30cmFL.


Sending out a cast to the same location it was smashed again by a better bass that felt the hooks on the hit but failed to hook up. Many of the bass this early in the season seem to not to be committing to the hit especially the larger bass that are almost swiping at the lures rather than engulfing it. They also only seem to want to hit the lure once with follow up casts getting no interest at all.

I shifted my focus to the opposite bank and after a few casts the Nobroko Softcada was smashed by a quality fish that peeled off drag and headed towards the middle of the creek much to my delight. That was until the hooks pulled and I managed to drop another quality bass from a long distance. At this point I started to think that maybe my drag was set a little on the heavy side as I have pulled hooks on way to many fish in my last few sessions so I dropped it off a little.


All the hits came off the same structure which was a long bank where the vegetation still lay along the water line. In many other parts of the pool the dropping water level had again meant that much of the pool was lined by bare earth and it seemed the bass had moved to areas where the vegetation would till provide an insectivorous feed.


Continuing along the bank I was hit by a tiny bass that I imagine would have no luck at connecting to the trebles. It still amazes me at how size does not seem to bother the smaller models that seem to be willing to have a crack at large prey items in the off chance they can gorge themselves on a huge meal.

The final hit was also tiny as I twitched the Nobroko next to another bush that was still on the waterline. This bass also connected and made a burning run long the bank and towards the kayak. I cranked the handle madly to connect to the fish and even lost contact with the handle which looked very amusing on video as I cranked my hand in mid-air without the handle. Amazingly I did not lose the fish and eventually I netted a nice 34cmFL bass.


The sun came up and I continued casting but the surface bite had vanished. All the hits occurred in a space of about 30 minutes pre-dawn and then the fishing shut down completely. I stuck to the surface as I moved down the pool but to no avail and switched to a diver on the way back up the pool but nothing!

The local platypus was also up early and he was busy cruising the pool all morning with me and checking me out a few times as well. Like my pervious fish the water dragons were also thick and seem to have had a great breeding season and almost every structure seem to hold a lizard or three!


Anyway I am loving the short morning sessions at the moment and I was off the water after 3 hours!