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Rain, rapids and rats

With the amount of rain over the summer I have spent a huge amount of time researching new bass locations, especially places that remain relatively clear during floods and those that recover from a flood event quickly. This has involved a little bit of travel just after the rains go to check locations and launch points.

It has also enabled me to get a better understanding of all my bass systems and what river height constitutes the “don’t bother” water level. So after Saturday’s almost clear day with the rain a no show I decided to head out this morning as the respite yesterday had enabled a creek I had researched, enough time to clear up and to be fishable.

I quick email to the property owner told me all I wanted to here. “It’s running but clean!” My intention was to fish the large pool on her property that was about 150m long and on a previous land based flick I had nabbed a few small bass on the surface. I surmised that this creek was full of small bass but with no other bassing options available I was keen to get into some surface action regardless of the potential for big fish.

I was up early and a quick check of the BOM showed showers around but nothing too significant to pull the pin on the trip so off I went. Arrived at the gate to my destination at 4.30AM and I was fully rigged and ready to go by 5AM. The entry point was at the bottom of a pool and it had a nice open grassy bank with plenty of casting room. A nice little “boof” on the far side of the creek had me all a jitters so I had a few casts before launching the kayak.

IMG_0242 (Medium)

Second cast and the Tiemco Soft Shell Cicada was hit by a rat bass which went 22cm on the brag mat and seemed typical of this system. The following ten or so casts had me lose two small fish after hook up and the last fish managed to wrap me up on some small sticks just out from the bank in my attempt to coax him to the bank. This forced me into the yak to extricate him and the lure from the offending timber.

This pool really looked after me with over 20 surface hits and a good dozen fish coming to the yak. The majority were tenacious rats of 28cm and under but considering the complete lack of bassing options it was better than climbing the walls at home. I did manage one bass of 35cm which made the trip a reasonable success and the best thing was they were all on the Tiemco (No Sammy today!).

IMG_0241 (Medium)

IMG_0238 (Medium)

Upon reaching the head of the pool, I decided the water was flowing too fast to drag the yak up the rapids and knowing the distance to the next pool was a little too far and there was the potential for rain I turned back. I switched to a Jackal Chubby to see if I could entice any reluctant bass below the surface and I managed a 32 cm fish on the trip back down the pool casting at the same structure. Not much later I managed another 30cm bass the instant the Chubby hit the water. I also managed a PB Small Bass at the end of the creek.

IMG_0244 (Medium)

IMG_0245 (Medium)

IMG_0246 (Medium)

IMG_0247 (Medium)

With a little time on my hands I headed downstream and managed another 3 rat bass, two on the Chubby and one on a Bassday Feathercrank before the rain began to fall and I decided to call it a day. By 9AM I was off the water and just glad I had managed to squeeze it a little trip before the rains arrive again and the creeks are again unfishable!

IMG_0250 (Medium)