For those with an addiction, obsession or passion for Australian Bass Fishing

Samaki Zing SZG 5101BL

The Samaki Zing range of rods are affordable and great quality. During my day-time sessions I typically use bait cast outfits as I like their ability to control casting accuracy. This enables me to cast in tight to structure and allow the bass to not venture too far when they take an interest in my lure. Australian Bass like low light conditions and will often hold in areas where the light levels are lower in the shade and under structure. Casts in tight to these areas provide greater opportunity for a bass to hit surface lures without swimming into the light which they will shy from under most conditions.


The Samaki Zing range of rods are very light enabling me to cast them all day and in many cases my fishing sessions may exceed 10 hours of casting. I choose to use the 5’10 model as it is a length which I have cast with for over 20 years and I have become highly accustomed to it. It has a line rating of 4-10lb which enable me to use the 8lb braid and 10lb fluorocarbon leader that I use standard with most of my bass outfits.


This model also has a split butt which tends to polarise fishos, with some hating it and others loving the sensitivity. For me it is more that I find it very useful when casting my favourite lure the Lucky Craft Sammy 65. The split butt enables me to control the walk the dog (WTD) action of this lure as I am able to use the butt end to tap my forearm as I walk the lure back to the kayak. WTD lures like the Sammy require a rhythm that this rod enables me to impart with ease.


These rods are well constructed from quality components and have power in the blank that can be utilised when pulling hard-fighting bass from tiger country. At $140 they are again great value for money providing a light, powerful affordable rod that will not break the bank balance if they come unstuck in tough conditions while kayaking.  This price also means I am able to have two identical balanced outfits on all my day trips which is ideal when switching between rods.