For those with an addiction, obsession or passion for Australian Bass Fishing

Soul Cleansing!

To attempt to remove the sour after taste of the possibility of “USA” style bass fishing tournaments in Australia and potentially in our rivers targeting natural populations of bass. I decided i needed to go and remind myself of what it is to be a bass fisherman and headed to my local bass haven for a little soul cleansing. As always my mid week sessions are quick and only involve targeting structures in a couple of pools before heading home to get ready for work.

Hitting the water it was obvious that the sever storms we had had the night before had dumped loads of debris into the water. I started casting the Nobroko Softcada but the debris was just too frustrating and o yet again I was forced to go sub surface. Time ticked on and cast after cast went unrewarded. I decided to head back to the launch and head home and on the way back sent out a few last casts at structures along the way.

As you can imagine I was not really concentrating as I cast on the way back and was already planning my day at work when the bass smashed my lure. It was a tough battle to be honest and not necessarily because the bass was big. He almost had me bricked a couple of times until I eventually slipped a healthy 35cmFL bass into the net. It was refreshing to manage a bass on a beautiful morning after heavy rain with the earthy smells that come from fresh rains on warm earth. It made me feel whole again until I logged on and checked the computer again!!


Now I need a cleansing all over again! 😆