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Struggle Street!

So I had the opportunity on the school holidays to head out and chase some bass and decided to hit a new section of the river where I had caught the 44cmFL Bass earlier in the season. It is great spot as the launch is really awkward which more or less reduces the amount of pressure it gets.

The morning started like all mornings this time of year with perfect conditions and a bit of mist on the water’s surface as it is still quite cool at day break. I headed straight down to a large pool and started casting at a bank that was extremely steep and fringed by Lomandra with a smattering of Calistemon. This bank is great because its gradient and the thick stand of trees that grow up the hillside provide and area of permanent shade. As a result the resident bass are rarely put off by a change of light intensity.

So eventually an obliging bass hit the lure and missed and followed it up with another strike which had him hooked. I played the solid little bass halfway back to the kayak and then he was gone, bugger!

There is no real point in describing the next few hours as I then managed to lose 4 fish in a row in the first pool. It would have to be the worst start to a session I have ever had with bass either repeatedly missing the lure after smashing the life out of it or the hooks pulling part way through the fight.

I headed further downstream to an even larger pool which required some serious portage (approximately 1km) to access but rarely copped any serious pressure due to the distance. After finally reaching the pool and launching I managed to miss another good bass and my confidence was shattered.

However after this horror start to the morning I finally managed to cast deep under some thick Callistemon branches my Sammy was smashed. The hooks stayed firm after a nervous fight and I finally slipped a bass into the net. It was a good fish typical of this system at 38cmFL and very well-conditioned.

Ten minutes later I was onto my second fish under similar conditions and although a little smaller than the first, (36cmFL) I was glad I was finally getting them to stay hooked. It’s just a shame the photo ended up being so blurry.

I continued up the pool but my perfect surface conditions quickly disappeared when a really gusty wind suddenly sprang up and made paddling, positioning and casting almost impossible in the large exposed pool. The thick Callistemon on the edge of the pool required pinpoint casts to get into the tight spaces which were the only way to get the lure into the strike zone and the wind made that impossible.

I headed back upstream knowing that there were a few tighter pools where the wind would be less of a factor. Sadly when I arrived although the wind was decidedly less the debris it had dropped onto the water was too thick to make fishing reasonable and my weedless lures were all too light for my baitcasters. So I decided to pull the pin just happy I had managed to avoid the donut!