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The Curtains Close

Went for another night session last night with Rod in a hope to find some late season bass hunting in the dark even though they were probably slowing down. A morning session the week before had resulted in a spectacular surface session and I was hoping the darkness might encourage an even better session during the night. When we reached our favourite pool I was disappointed to find that the wind had broken up the surface weed that had been rafted up at the edges of the pools on the previous visit. This resulted on many cast and retrieves picking up the random weeds and preventing our lures from working perfectly. The only saving grace was that the half moon provided enough light for us to place our casts well enough to maximise an un-snagged retrieve.

Initially Rod missed a few hits while I managed to pick up a few rats in the mid twenties to low-thirties. Most of the fish were lurking on the edges clearly waiting for unwary insects to fall into the water only to be smashed by these marauding predators.

The biggest fish of the night was caught at the top of one of the pools. I always cast in these sorts of locations because bass absolutely love sitting beneath running water at night and assaulting anything that moves and floats down the current. Over the years I have also discovered that the depth at the top of the pool is irrelevant at night and I have caught big bass in 20cm of water as long as it is flowing and dark. On this occasion the water was running along a grassy outcrop that had a bit of timber running from the edge. The first current into the eddy formed by the current crawled back without incident but the follow up cast was smashed by a solid bass and a battle in open water eventually resulted in me sliding a 38cmFL bass into my hands.

Rod was still struggling and I was managing to pick up bass here and there without any regularity. After 4 hours without landing a bass he was getting a little frustrated as you can imagine. At one point he even quipped that he was going to claim the mullet that jumped into the yak to avoid the donut.

It wasn’t until we reached the final pool that Rod managed three bass in quick succession including a nice double hook up that was impossible to capture well in the dark and a 35cmFL bass that brought some joy back to his night.

By the end of the session it was clear that this would be our last night fish for the season. The weather had clearly started to switch from the mildness of autumn to the chill of winter and in our wet clothes it was close to unbearable. In the end we knew it was the end of the season and time to switch fishing styles to chase a few flathead in the salt and eagerly awaiting the months to roll around and bass season to start again. Bring on September 1st 2016!