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The Ups and Downs of Bass Fishing (Part Two)

I switched back to the Sammy as I headed into new territory and as the first pool was fairly shallow it was the ideal lure. The pool also had green algae on the rocks due to the slow flow of the river. At the end of the pool there was some deeper water at about 4 feet and it had some serious structure in the form of banksias that were growing over the waterline. These trees are great for bass fishing as they combine structure and shade and are often home to bass. I fired a cast into one of these trees and after a few twitches the lure was smashed and I was fighting another nice bass that went 40cm. Now the smile was returning to my face!

Cast 2 (Medium)

41cm bass (800x600)

At the end of the pool was an old causeway and it created some fast flowing water as it passed through the two small culverts that allowed fish to pass thorough. On the other side was a beautiful bit of structure that had it all, timber, shade and fast flowing water as well as being a good 4-5ft deep. The water pouring out the culverts ran over some rocks before dropping steeply into the pool. It just screamed bass!

IMG_0028 (Medium)

I had a few casts in the back eddies with no result and then sent a cast into the pool directly were the water dropped into the deep section and around the timber. The Sammy swam towards the rapid when there was a massive explosion of water as it vanished. I had caught a glimpse of the bass and it was a good fish. The rod loaded up and then the drag went Zzzzzzzz..Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz as the bass motored back towards the timber. I was wrong this was a seriously big fish!!!! Suddenly I found myself thumb controlling the drag, something I had not had to do much ever since chasing barra up north. My heart was pounding as the bass threw everything at me, I dead set thought there was no way I was going to land her but eventually I managed to bring 48cm of beautiful bass out of the water. What a cracker in such skinny water and off the surface too. I was ecstatic, and after a nice little photo session she went home to hopefully grow to that magic 50 mark!

IMG_0027 (Medium)

IMG_0029 (Medium)

IMG_0030 (Medium) (800x600)

The rest of the afternoon drifted on in a haze and I couldn’t really care less if I caught another fish. I reached the hole which had been my intended goal and I managed another 5 bass on the Sammy in a similar manner. These fish went 34cm, 43cm, 44cm and the last two went 36cm. All the fish fought like they were possessed and I needed all my wits to keep them on. Even though the start of the trip had not gone to plan, I had managed a new PB wild fish and caught some cracking bass all in the middle of the day! I won’t be waiting two years before my next visit!

43 cm bass (800x600)

44cm Bass (800x600)

IMG_0035 (Medium)

IMG_0041 (Medium)