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Why I Love a Quickie in the Morning!

Headed off for another morning session this morning. This has been one of my plans this season where catching a bass is a bonus and just being on the water to relax is the main intent. This morning was absolutely glorious with perfect blue skies and not a breathe of wind. There is nothing better than hitting a still, misty river with the birds just waking and singing their hearts out. I love these sorts of mornings!!

Hitting the water today the bass were keen to boil the lure but just would not commit to hitting the lure. Within the first 15 minutes I had had three bass follow my Sammy 65 and boil the lure multiple times without committing to the strike. Eventually however I found a bush with heavy shade underneath and fired a cast in. Unfortunately the cast was a fraction off target and landed on a small branch which required a vigorous shake of the rod tip to dislodge it and send it flying back to the yak. This caused a rain of leaves to fall to the water under the bush and I watched as a reasonable bow wave darted amongst the debris. Suspecting it was a bass I quickly fired a cast amongst the fallen debris and was amazed when it landed where i intended. Usually a rush of blood and adrenalin results in the cast going too long, too wide, too high, too fast etc!!

The lure hit the water and after a single twitch the hungry bass hit the lure and connected. Realising that this was a structure I had lost a large bass on before I instantly put on the pressure and managed to get the bass out into open water. I realised it was a good bass and my first 40 + for the season and so I was very pleased when I finally slipped the net under her. She was in perfect condition, very lean and a beautiful copper brown colour which is unusual for the fish up here. A quick measure had her at 45cmFl and she was my a substantial improvement on my season PB.



I was a happy camper and kept casting hooking up on a small bass that managed to throw the lure early in the fight. I was off the water just over an hour later and headed home to get ready for work. What a great start to the day!